Drop it already.

I get it.

You’re fired up about the inauguration.

Some of you are taking to social media praising the success of the outgoing president.

Some of you are taking to social media spreading negative things about the incoming president, who as of yet has done little more than appoint people to cabinet positions and look like an ass on Twitter.

Some of you are taking to social media with many negative things about the outgoing president. Most of these are obvious and are appalling to those who believe in a free republic. The same situations from which those opinions derive are praiseworthy to those who believe in a progressive form of statism, or strong central government. We’re divided because of our belief systems, which are nothing but B.S.

Please stop.

We are wasting time and energy on marches, and protests, none of which will do anything except show some people which side we’re on.

There are several logical fallacies at play here, double standards and general insults to intelligence. The Genetic Fallacy alone has done more to divide us than many others. We can do better.

The problem is, we could always have done better, since the beginning of time. For instance. Just in the history of the United States, these logical fallacies and even double standards have given us presidents such as George Washington, Grover Cleveland (I just wanted to type the name ‘Grover’) and Herbert Hoover. You could name any president here.

If we want this country to remain great, we need to let things be and control ourselves here. Be offended, be glad, be proud or be ashamed. It’s your choice. But you look like an idiot if you push that on the world. Hold your beliefs but transform words into actions that can help others instead of show them whose side you’re on. Tip a little more than usual. Smile and say thoughtful things to random people you meet today. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line. Stop worrying about your taxes and quit complaining about how expensive health care has become.

In short, look for ways you can change the world by focusing on the one thing you have complete power to control. Yourself.

As for me, my next goal is to remember that I can’t make it stop raining and that I should really stop swearing at red traffic lights. Who I voted for president matters not (they were never even nominated) I will do my part to protect my planet, pay my taxes (we hates them, precious) and control that inner beast that wants to rant and rave childish banter on a world that could care less.

As I’ve said before, today is the only January 20, 2017 you will ever get. Please don’t waste it being caught up in the inauguration.


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