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Spotified: Forgetting About A Full-Time Music Career

As a music teacher who has experienced cutbacks, I say it adds to the fire when public schools send the message that music is expendable and not of serious value. The truth is that music is a universal connector of all things, like a sort of gravity. Parents need to ask more of their schools if they want their child’s education to be complete.

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(People who grew up purchasing physical music are slowly being outnumbered by people who never have. It’s not a matter of the format changing. It’s a matter of the money disappearing, with no other comparable money source opening up.)

Most of my life has been spent in the pursuit of music. For over 40 years now, I’ve been buying music. I’ve always had an endless list of “must get” records. I used to haunt record stores before Amazon or CD Baby. Growing up in the Boston area, I sometimes had a choice of over 10 different record stores within a 20 mile radius. And I’d hit them all, and go through every shelf, no matter what the genre was.

I made a few serious attempts to get into the business. I didn’t try as hard as a lot of people I know did. Several people I know did very well with it. Several others are currently…

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