Release :(part 1)

In the family room was a large Hammond organ purchased by my grandfather in 1977. It was the flagship model from that era and dominated the room. We couldn’t resist it. It had a separate Leslie cabinet that we never hooked up, but it was still there. For those unfamiliar, a Leslie was a rotating speaker that gave Hammond organs their trademark vibrato. Although we took piano lessons, we had no idea what all the switches and buttons were for, other than what sounded cool when we tried it. It had a touch tempo feature where you could tap in the tempo and the drum machine would come to life.

Gran always told me she wanted me to have it and during the last few years of her life, she told me on more than one occasion that I could go ahead and take it. The trouble was, it must have weighed a good 300 lbs. and due to its shape likely needed a forklift to maneuver. Well, the only place I could put it in my house would be the basement and there’s no way that thing was going to fit through our basement door. So I let it sit.

We played it one least time the night before the auction. It was in rough shape. Some of the speaker cones were dry rotted and and 35 plus years of dust and dirt accumulation on the contacts made it sound less than stellar. But it played. Image


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