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My grandmother passed away on March 6, 2013

On October 19, her entire estate was sold at auction.

Grief changes a person and we all experience it somehow. I won’t pretend this is the same as losing a spouse, or God forbid, a child. It isn’t the same as losing a parent, but my world will not be the same anymore.

My siblings and I grew up with the excitement of going down to the farm for our escape from the real world. We’d travel in a car for the better part of three hours to get there, spend a weekend doing the things kids love best about their grandma’s house: Playing with different toys or creating our own toys out of whatever we could find, getting to eat homemade cookies, visiting with our Gran… many things similar to what other kids got to experience.

We had an added bonus though. We had a farm. We had a lot of outdoor space to explore, barns, a pond, hills, a creek nearby, and enough space to play baseball out by the garage. Once year my brother, Jared, and I made a bowling alley in the garage. There was no electricity out there so we ran an extension cord from the house all the way out. Well before that, when I was a tender seven years old, we pretended to be electricians and ran around the house fixing things that resembled high voltage power stations in our heads.

In the next few posts, I’ll describe some of the more memorable aspects of the farm, my grandmother and how I was shaped by the whole experience. I am now closing in on 40 within a couple of years, and this is the first time I have ever faced the prospect of not having the farm. It’s bittersweet, but has an uplifting ending. I hope you will find these posts as interesting as I do, and that you will have some reflective time of your own in reading my experiences.

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